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Who are we - Allen Alarms, and what are we about - Security. Listed below are some of the tools we use to better serve you.
AES RADIO 7750F RF Subscriber Unit Tech Note For Fire Monitoring
Napco StarLink
The New Gemini P1664
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Allen Alarm Systems, Inc. and ipDatatel brings you new internet alarm system monitoring technology:

Allen Alarm Systems, Inc. bring you to the next generation of online security and systems access, Since you've purchased your new security system or upgraded your communication device, to use VOIP or cable/Internet telecom, you can now access your system and make changes using our online system editing tools, all you need is your smart device, iPhone or Android compatible devices, a  user name and password

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Look Below, and see what you will be leaving behind... the wiring of Analog phone lines ...

internet alarm monitorning
Escape the Analog Hold